Minnesota & Wisconsin Terrazzo Flooring Services

We provide Terrazzo finishing, buffing, burnishing, cleaning, mopping, dusting, and more.

Terrazzo is a floor material made from a mixture of marble dust, granite and cement which is then poured, usually by hand, in layers. In the 1800s marble floors were becoming more abundant around the world.  It was discovered that marble dust mixed with cement provided an even application with less grout lines. It was also cheaper than tile or stone tiles. Terrazzo is a solid flooring material made with chips of marble or other stone pieces set in a cementitious or resinous binder. After the terrazzo has cured, it is ground and polished to a shiny and durable finish.

Terrazzo is also very easy and cost-effective to maintain. Daily dust mopping and regular wet mopping with either warm water alone or a neutral cleaner formulated for use on natural stone will do the trick. Not only do you not need harsh chemicals to get your terrazzo clean, but they can also actually damage the terrazzo (as well as the environment).

Terrazzo Flooring

Terrazzo floors can be polished to look different levels of glossiness. Polishing will bring out the colors within each marble.  Terrazzo floors are commonly used in restaurants and hotels due to their durability and modern design.

Terrazzo Daily Cleaning

Daily dust mopping is required to maintain your terrazzo flooring. Wet mopping with a neutral cleaner will remove dirt and grime. Rinse thoroughly with clean water. Make sure to keep the flooring wet during the cleaning process so the dirt and cleaning solution doesn’t dry on the surface.