Office Building Cleaning Minnesota

Although it is often unappreciated, office cleaning is vital to the business world. A dirty working environment makes your employees unhappy and can harm your company’s image when customers or guests visit. This is where outsourcing your office cleaning needs comes in handy. Furthermore, having clean restrooms, floors, and lunch/conference rooms conveys professionalism and success to outsiders. In other words, a healthy and clean work environment pays off employee morale and productivity levels.

Commercial cleaning is vital for businesses, as there are many areas to clean and sanitize. This includes diverse elements like office carpet cleaning, commercial window cleaning, electronic gadget sanitization, whole premises disinfection, etc. However, due to the number of technicalities involved in office cleaning, it has become increasingly popular for businesses to outsource these requirements to professional cleaners.

Any Commercial Building Cleaning

  • Janitorial Support
  • Recycling – Show your employees and visitors that you’re environmentally conscious.
  • Our Clean for Health program follows environmental policies to maintain a clean and healthy workplace.
  • Commercial cleaning
  • Office cleaning
  • Building cleaning
  • Janitorial office cleaning
  • Charter school and public school cleaning
  • Industrial cleaning

Benefits of Our Cleaning Services

  • Our company mainly focuses on servicing manufacturing and distribution facilities, though we also have experience working in large corporate offices.
  • Our equipment is constantly updated, and our processes are refined to perfection.
  • For years, we have been focused on Cleaning for Health and eco-friendly practices.
  • We understand that each client is unique, so we create a personalized program that caters to your specific needs and budget.
  • Floor cleaning is a process that includes stripping the old wax, polishing the floor, applying a new sealant, and coating the floor with a fresh layer of wax.
  • Our floor cleaning services are perfect for sterile environments where technology is utilized.
  • All of our employees are highly trained and e-verified for your safety. You can rest assured that they are trustworthy and loyal.
  • Our cleaning technicians earn a fair wage.
  • All our employees are expected to be proficient in English for announcements and emergency procedures.

Cleaning for Health Program

  • The capture-and-remove method for dust removal uses tools that trap dust particles rather than simply knocking them down from higher areas to lower ones.
  • You should vacuum your carpets and hard floors frequently with a high-filtration vacuum (minimum quad filtration).
  • Our team offers deep cleaning for carpets using an extraction method that doesn’t leave any residue.
  • We have walk-off matting at every door to reduce the amount of dirt and debris being tracked into the building, and we change them out frequently to ensure they are effective.
  • Using registered disinfectant, clean all commonly touched surfaces for 10 minutes to kill any germs.
  • You are regularly stocking your building with hygiene products.
  • Stringent security policies during after-hours
  • Traditional cleaning practices like cleaning entrance glass, removing trash and recycling, and mopping hard floors contribute to a positive corporate image, increased productivity, and improved workplace morale.

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