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What Does a Cleaning Contract Include?

A cleaning agreement covers all the specifics related to a person's or firm's cleaning responsibilities. In some circumstances, it may include anything from a painting to a renovation contract. A housekeeper keeping an apartment or a professional cleaning business servicing an office location might sign up for the job. Include these critical elements in the contract before hiring anyone for cleaning services:

Scope of Work

The cleaning agreement should describe precisely what services and nature of cleaning someone are expected to perform, such as mopping, vacuuming, window washing, dusting furniture, removing and relining waste bins, and washing laundry and linens.


The contract should detail how much the cleaning business or separate charges for their services. Is it an hourly, weekly, or permanent price? For example, is there a four-month period during which payment is made via bank transfer every week, Credit card, Check, Venmo or Paypal, or cash? Regular payments and payment options, such as a weekly wire transfer, are also essential.

Dates and Times of Service

All cleaning services should list the frequency and duration of visits. For example, if you want a housekeeper to come three times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9 AM to noon. No matter what type of property needs cleaning service providers, they should all give clear timeframes for work expectations.

Location of Service

The cleaning agreement should be comprehensive and list every area that will be cleaned. This is where you can mention any areas of the house that you don't want the housekeeper or janitor to enter.

Contact Information and License Number

All professional cleaning services, such as businesses registered as LLCs, should include basic contact information like an address and phone number. Some states also require providers to list their business license numbers. If a provider doesn't have a license, they can at least include their legal name and contact info.

Who Is Responsible for Providing Cleaning Equipment

All equipment should be itemized, and the provider of cleaning supplies and tools should be specified. If the cleaner or firm provides all their materials, they should disclose that they will only utilize their equipment and cleaning chemicals.

Dispute Resolution Procedures

A cleaning contract provides an official agreement between the customer and provider that details what is expected of each party and a plan for resolving disputes. This should include the provider's refund policies, damage coverage, and additional fees or charges.


Every cleaning agreement contract should be signed by the cleaning provider(s) and the customers responsible for payment. The owner of a firm may sign on behalf of their firm, including the housekeepers or janitors they will deploy to a work location. Employees and subcontractors must first sign a contract indicating their agreement to work following the organization's requirements before this.

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